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Supplier Details

Alemlube is a Progressive, Innovative and Customer Centric 100% Australian Owned Company.

Alemlube is committed to making a valuable contribution to industry in Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea. As a family owned and operated company, Alemlube is proud of its past and optimistic about the future.

Flexible and quick to react and respond, Alemlube’s core philosophy is based on constantly reassessing what industry is looking for and requiring whilst at the same time working with our distributors, mindful of what they need to reach and achieve their goals and objectives.

Our three separate and yet integrated divisions provide:

Off-the-shelf lubrication equipment, fluid transfer and metering and hose storage & retrieval products
Design, supply, install, commission and maintain automotive and commercial vehicle workshop solutions
Design, supply, install, commission and maintain mobile equipment and fixed plant Automatic Lubrication Systems